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 Getting started on the starmine server

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PostSubject: Getting started on the starmine server   Thu Feb 02, 2012 7:46 pm

Hello and welcome, to the Starmine Server.

Connect to us here:

Also, as ever, please ensure you help bump up our forum posts here

When you first appear in our world, you will find yourself in what we like to call, the Tutorial Room. Please read all the signs carefully and work your way to the end of the tutorial - on the way you will learn how to use the stargates, you will find the server rules, a list of banned mods, but more importantly, the sign that make you become a member on the server.

Once you have become a member, type /spawn into chat, and you will be teleported to the beating heart of the starmine server - the Starmine Dome

1. Why do I have default written next to my name?
You did not read the signs in the tutorial area and missed the sign that makes you into a member, type /warp tutorial to be teleported back to the Tutorial Room, and look for the member sign -> Its under a giant glowing arrow, how did you miss that?

2. This area says I don't have permission, what do I do and where do I go?
The /spawn area is an exclusive spot on the server, and building comes at a premuim. All new members should head east (the direction in which the sun and moon both rise) and head towards the Portal Room - that is the large temple looking structure with all that pretty water flowing outside. Inside you will find the portals that take you to the biomes (Desert, Sea, Forest, Snow)

3. What can I do in a biome?
Anything you wish, the biome is the place where you can establish your home, or join a village, or just go about exploring and killing mobs. Be sure to observe the server rules

Useful Server Commands
/Sethome - set your home, so you can teleport back at any time
/Money - see how much currency (mines) you own
/Lottery - details on the server lottery
/help - see a further list of help commands
/cprivate - lock doors so only you can have access to your home

Remember: You can ask an Admin to protect your land, preventing anyone else from placing or deleting blocks

4. I want a plot in the City
You can buy plots from admins, prices can be found in the City/Shop area

5. I want to help the server, what can I do?
Running the Minecraft server costs money, you can help the community by donating a small amount - see here:
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Getting started on the starmine server
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