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 Minecraft's best mods!/ installation

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PostSubject: Minecraft's best mods!/ installation   Tue Apr 24, 2012 1:40 pm

I made this topic to inform people about the coolest mods of minecraft! Here is a list of mods that actual mods use to work...
Just copy and paste the links into the search bar!(If they don't work!)

Modloader MP

Minecraft forge

Player API

Audio mod


Ok there probably is more than that, but, these are the main ones for mods. Now here are cool mods and what they require.

Optifine (requires Modloader)

Flan's mod (requires Minecraft forge, Modloader, Modloader MP,turbomodelthingy,Player API)

Single Player Commands (Requires nothing)

Toomanyitems (requires Modloader)

Rei's minimap (requires Modloader)

Auto Switch mod (requires Modloader)

Sonic Ether's Unbelievable shaders mod (requires Modloader and Optifine)

Sdk's mods(requires Modloader, Modloader MP, Audio mod) Modloader MP)

Explosives + (requires Modloader, Modloader MP, Minecraft Forge)

More explosives (requires Modloader)

Timber! (requires Modloader)

I have many more to list but this is getting kind of long...

Simple Mod Installation: For Windows
Step 1: Locate your .minecraft folder and make a copy of it!(Type %APPDATA% into the Search bar on the start menu)

Step 2:Go to the Folder in the .minecraft folder named "bin"

Step 3:Download WinRar or 7-zip (Search on google)

Step 4:Open the file with WinRar/7-zip in the bin named: Minecraft.jar (Not minecraft 1.2.3/any version.jar! Just minecraft.jar!)

Step 5: Locate the "META INF" folder and delete it! (It blocks mods!)

Step 6:Now just Drag and drop ALL of the required mod part files into the minecraft.jar,If you have to install more than one DO IT IN THIS ORDER! Skip the mod part if it is not required! EX: Sdk's mods requires Modloader, Modloader MP so you skip Player API, etc..
Audio Mod
Player API
Anything other API!
Minecraft Forge
Always install MC Forge last!

Step:7Now for the mod itself, just drag and drop ALL of the files into the minecraft.jar

Step:8 Play!

Please note for some mods, they have to be put a folder named "mods" in the .minecraft folder.To do this, simply go to the .minecraft folder, and create a folder called "mods", and drag and drop the mod into the "mods" folder.

Useful tips:
Create a back up of the CLEAN .minecraft folder somewhere you can find it.

Don't use MC patcher to install mods, as it can install some mods incorrectly

Create a folder on the desktop to put all of your mods (WARNING:Delete all of the mods that you have in there every time minecraft has a new update!They wont work anymore!)

Install Optifine!

Make sure you only download mods from the Minecraft forum, and the planet minecraft forum,Only from trusted sites!

Read the entire forum for the mod you're downloading, for more installation steps, more info, etc...
Q:I got a black screen!
Q:I deleted META-INF and still got a black screen!
A:You are either missing a mod required to run the mod, or a mod is incompatible
Q:It says Minecraft has crashed and i cant play!
A:Go to the MC launcher and select the options tab and select Force Update, and start the game, or Post the crash report onto the topic where you got the mod.
Q: I force updated and it still doesn't work!
A:Clear the mods folder, and if that doesnt work, then copy the saves file to the back-up folder and delete your .minecraft folder and copy and paste the back-up .minecraft folder where the old one was.
Q:My mod wont work!
A: Delete META-INF! OR make sure you have the right version of the mod!
Q:Tutorial for Macs/other computers?
A:No I will not make a tutorial for computers other than Windows! Get Windows 7/Windows Vista!

I really hope I helped you with questions about installing mods and other things.If you liked this topic and have comments/mods to share post them below!
Sincerly, Muffinmuncher115, Mod installing expert tongue
DISCLAIMER: I'm not responsible for any crashes, Viruses, or other problems! Be careful where you download!
EDIT: No posts! Sad Come on, share the coolest mods people! Razz

Want to install a mod, but don't know how? Post here and I'll make an easy tutorial for it. (Windows only)
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Minecraft's best mods!/ installation
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