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 MobArena Classes ATTN Snowy

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PostSubject: MobArena Classes ATTN Snowy   Tue Mar 27, 2012 8:56 am

Defenders of the many Holds come to prepare for battle and test their skills. Knights deal medium heavy damage, wear heavy armor and are reasonably self-sufficient.
Loadout: Diamond Sword and Complete armor set, 6 heal self potions

Warriors from the Plains. Barbarians deal heavy damage and are very quick but only wear light armor.
Loadout: Diamond Axe, Chainmail armor set without helmet, 4 heal self potions, 1 potion of swiftness (Barbarian RAGE!)

Defenders of the Wild Forests, Proficient with bows and Swords, Medium Damage meant for long range and defending.
Loadout: Bow, 2 stacks of Arrows, Iron Sword, Leather Armor, 4 heal self potions

Arcane specialists, weak physical combat ability, high damage ratio but depends on other classes for protection.
Loadout: 10 Fire Charges, 10 Splash Harming potions, Wooden Sword, no armor/heal

Holy Knights of the Church. Dedicated to healing the damage done by dark forces. Low Damage but decent protection.
Loadout: 20 Splash Heal potions, 4 heal self potions, Wooden Sword, iron armor
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PostSubject: Re: MobArena Classes ATTN Snowy   Tue Mar 27, 2012 5:31 pm

Looks nice Razz will add it once I get home
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MobArena Classes ATTN Snowy
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