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 MrSiGaMaJig's Moderator Application.

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PostSubject: MrSiGaMaJig's Moderator Application.   Mon Feb 24, 2014 5:30 am

Mod application

- Why do you want to be a moderator on this server?

~ So I can stop griefers, spammars, and rule breakers, I seen quite a few, but I never had the chance to do anything, thus is why I want to become a moderator, so I can jail/temp ban the rule breakers.

- How long have you played?

~ I don't know exactly

- If we accepted you , what would you do to improve the server?

~ I would be on every day, and make the server a better place with less hackers and more happiness (:

- How would you describe our server?

~ Amazing, it's compact and amazing, it has Prisons (Amazing, i'm on it 24/7) KitPVP (Awesome, just hardly on it since it came out lol) and Factions (Hardly on it either but I'm in a faction and I have a house) all three servers/world are awesome and has great players (Most)

- Are you willing to rebuild/build with other mods to improve the server?

~ Definitely, i'm actually an alright builder, and i'm good at redstone so whenever you need me just ask!

- Considering the amount of players online, do you think you can handle the amount of questions?

~ Yes, some are easy, and others are complex but I can try to answer 100% of them, it may be hard, but i'll take time out of my day to answer them with no problem.

- If someone swears and griefs , what would YOU do?

~ I would personally jail them for a day, if there's no jail then I would ban them for a day, if they do it again, there banned forever.

- Are you willing to offer some freetime of you're minecraft-ingame adventure to help people out?

~ Yes, no matter what it is, I would spend my time on others, I already do, but I can only do little things because I can't really do anything, but I would try my best, and if I can't i'll call an Admin.

- [ REALLY IMPORTANT ]Are you willing to bump the minecraft server forums on MCforums twice a day?

~ I don't know what you mean by that, but if you tell me what I need to do i'll do it.

- If no other mods are online , neither are admins , and someone has a problem , would you help him/her?

~ Yes, I would try my best, no matter what it is, hopefully I can handle it. If I can't handle it for some reason, i'll call an admin, or moderator on.

- We sometimes host contests , would you encourage people to get in the competition?

~ Defiantly, I was helping yesterday and today with the Live Stream on Twitch.Tv, I got like three people on the Live Stream! (:  

- How long do you play a day?

~ On weekdays i'll play 3-6 hours, on weekends i'll play 8-10 all depends on the days, but i'll be on as much as I can, which is usually a lot.

- Got any experience as a moderator on another server?

~ No, but I was a successful owner on 3 servers, the max players I had at once was 37 and I had tons of fun when they did too!
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Flaughternaught (Akikira)

Flaughternaught (Akikira)

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PostSubject: Re: MrSiGaMaJig's Moderator Application.   Tue Feb 25, 2014 1:24 pm

try posting this on

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MrSiGaMaJig's Moderator Application.
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