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 The Game's Server Rules.

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PostSubject: The Game's Server Rules.   Sun Dec 16, 2012 9:00 am

Hi guys!
This Sticky Is all about the Server rules.
What's Important about the rules?
Say you have just donated, Let's say... For Star Rank, & you begin to do things against the Starmine rules; If It's Major, Then It's a perm ban, So you bought Star for nothing & Remember, The rank It's self is un-refundable.



1. No Rude/sexual behaviour.
2. No Racism
3. No bad language/Swearing, Including Books/signs.
4. No Attempting to Bypass a mute by /m'ing The Staff.
5. No Asking for a higher Rank.
6. No Glitch abusing.
7. No Spamming.
8. No hacking.
9. No back chatting.
10. No asking for Jails/mutes/bans.
11. Combat logging.
12. No begging Staff to unban players.
13. No Griefing.
14. No mods other than Rei's Minimap, InvTweaks, 3D Items.
15. No Ignoring staff when being scolded.


1. Always Respect Staff.
2. Respect to be Respected.
3. Keep track on the rules.
4. Vote for Starmine :3
5. Have fun !

Now, Remember to Enjoy yourself & take attention to the Rules.



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Minecraft- MiniMinerMan115
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The Game's Server Rules.
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