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 Planetside Two Release :D

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PostSubject: Planetside Two Release :D   Wed Nov 21, 2012 11:03 am

It's rather funny, I wasn't going to make a thread about this, but when I came on to check the fourms I saw an advertisment for Planetside 2... while I was downloading PS2... sooo, PLANETSIDE 2 IS OUT! yay =)
I would recomend that if you have a good PC to try the game. It is free to play, so you litterally lose nothing from playing it.

Also, I would really like to bring up the idea of a Starmine outfit again. So, if you try the game, please post below with your IGN so I can add you to the outfit.
Tip: Play Vanu, they have hover tanks, and we can't be in the same outfit it we arn't in the same team. You can create multiple characters, but it would be no fun to make a Terran republic or new Conglomerate character then switch to vanu to play with others.
Also, I am not sure if they gave players the ability to change servers with characters, if they have, then don't worry about it, if they havent, then you might want to hold off leveling your character untill we deside on a server to play on.
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Planetside Two Release :D
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