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 [PVP] Reporting Krayl

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PostSubject: [PVP] Reporting Krayl   Mon Oct 29, 2012 8:26 pm

This is a random person who came online and not long after has ended up spamming and advertising their own youtube channel. This person only came on to do such. I would recommend not allowing this person to return considering they have no intent on playing here. They did not read the rules nor attempted to do anything but come on and advertise their own channel.

Here is my evidence.

"Naga Vunajan" "Naga Hajan Teac" eh dra cekhydinac, ed ech'd navannehk du dra bufan vnus dra vyldeuh uh dra canjan pid nydran dra puhtc ramt dukadran po bneta uv paehk bynd uv dra "Naga" Vysemo.
Drnuikr ymm dra cxiyppmac yht ehcimdc yht camv-tacdnild uv dra canjan edcamv, Naga saspanc ryja kuha paouht dra canjan yht palusa meva muhk vneahtc.
Naga mejac uh vunajan drnuikr dra vniedc uv uin puhtc.

Naega jeil jal naga
Naga mejac uh.
King Naga
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[PVP] Reporting Krayl
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