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 How to Donate + FAQ

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PostSubject: How to Donate + FAQ   Tue Oct 23, 2012 12:13 am

Welcome the the How to donate and FAQ Topic.
In this topic I will try to answer as many questions as possible considering the new ranks.
Ranks are currently 50% off until 30/10/2012

First off with donating you agree to the following terms:
- Money is NOT refundable
- You won't abuse the perks you get ( godmode , fly etc ) <-- Having fun with friends is allowed

How do I donate?
Please note that the perks for PvP and survival are different , click on one of the following links for which server you are donating.
Click here to donate for Survival server

And click on the rank you would like to get.

I donated , but didn't receive my rank yet!?
We manage the donations manually , which means that we don't let an plugin handle all the donations.
If you donate at a time that either SnowGorilla or me ain't online you need to wait until one of us is online.

If I donate , do I get a rank for both PvP and survival?
We currently got two servers , but both are handled as individuals , which means that if you donate for survival you won't get the rank on PvP

I donated for Survival , but I would like to get the rank on PvP , how do I do this?
Simply contact either SnowGorilla or me ( This is only doable once , after the switch you won't be able to do it again)

I already donated , but I want to upgrade what do I need to do?
On the donating page is a button called 'Donate own amount' simply use this button to composate the rest of the money and contact me.

I donated But I got banned, Can I get my money back?
No sorry , the ranks are not REFUNDABLE , and when you donate you are still bannable.
If you use for example godmode in a PvP arena on survival you can expect to get atleast a warning , and after that a ban.

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How to Donate + FAQ
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