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 Ban Request [PVP]: icuxulookfuny

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PostSubject: Ban Request [PVP]: icuxulookfuny   Thu Oct 18, 2012 11:33 am

icuxulookfuny has violated numerous rules, which clearly states that one should not spam, that one should be respectful towards other players, and that one should never use vulgar language. He has shown a complete disregard towards the effects it has on other players. He was spamming the /afk command rapidly which caused noticeable server lag. I imagine the console was more or less exploding from the assault of his command usage. In my opinion this player should be extricated from the server and never allowed back on. icuxulookfuny should not be unbanned regardless of whether or not he apologizes as he has shown no signs of remorse shortly after being called out.

I apologize for the excessive number of images. However I do believe that these articles of evidence will validate my case against icuxulookfuny. icuxulookfuny has made an attempt to diminish the entertainment value of this server and has admitted verbatim, "Runed other servers." I do believe this player has no interest in actually partaking in the activities this server offers as a valid form of entertainment and only seeks to play above the server's laws.

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Ban Request [PVP]: icuxulookfuny
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