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 PvP Staffing Design

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PostSubject: PvP Staffing Design   Wed Oct 17, 2012 3:30 pm

As i'm sure Snowy and Gorilla know by the time they get on to read this, there has come a cry for staff.
On day one, we had no staff on for the majority of our first night of PvP being live again.
And there were some issues, mostly small. A single idiot with a hacked client, and a couple of us (me included) stuck in creative and unable to do little more than fly around spawn for fear of others crying fowl play.
It was controlled chaos for the most part, but some of us did get into discussion over the need for staff, and what structuring it should have. In light of this, i came up with a rather simple plan that should keep everything in check, as well as eleminating as much of worry of abuse of power.

The Structure of Staff


Admins should be out of sight, out of mind for the most part. 2-3 slots make up this rank, to be filled by people in overlapping timezones, such as 1 US, 1 Europe, 1 Aus, or something to that effect. This rank is the one that tends to be the most problematic balance wise, as they can spawn items, change their GM, and much more that if handled incorrectly can be greatly abused. To mitigate this, would call for a combination of less need for admins, and basic ground rules, and knowledge that they really are not in charge in this case, or any more important than a Mod.
Less is more.
~No land to protect - Factions plugin deals with this for you.
~No Griefing to deal with - It's PvP.. your gonna get griefed, put your big boy pants back on and deal with it.
~No Spawner/items to sell/move - This isnt a rule, but needs to be. Spawners themselves unbalance the game greatly, especially
a PvP setting. Additionally, it causes admins to go into factions bases to place them, leading to many crys of
"Admin tots tld ppl wher r l33t base wuz!!! :<"
~Peaceful Admin Faction - With the simple requirement of Admins being in a non-hostile, admin only faction, you eliminate the
whole "OMG Admin uzed his haxy powers to kill meh!!"

With this, they retain their usual powers and uses, while killing off the main problems that come with it and making the times that no admin is on much less of a problem. It could be hard to find people committed enough to do this, but it would be worth it.


Mods in this build would make up the main authority of the server. In short, its very hard to really abuse the mod powers as they can do their task easily in a pvp setting so long as they have access to /ban, /kick, /mute, /jail and maybe IP bans, and without OP. By spreading a number of mods ( anywhere from 4-8 depending on player base size, probably 4 as of right now. ) throughout the factions and players, there is likely to always be one on ready to deal with an issue, while keeping the power balance in tact and giving no real advantage to any faction that contains a member of staff.

Though everyone has their opinion of the best way to run the server, and its staff, this is just a simple and highly effective option that can be easily and quickly implemented. Though i'm sure some will dislike the lack of spawners, i honestly doubt that many if anyone will disagree that this would be effective.


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PvP Staffing Design
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