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 [WIP] Character Race Sheet

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PostSubject: [WIP] Character Race Sheet   Fri Mar 09, 2012 3:16 pm

--Disclaimer-- This is a work in progress. Please send all eligible races to Rixaka. Do NOT post in this thread. Please use the form provided as a basic structure. You may use images.

//Note: Vampirism[Vampires and related] and Lycanthropy[Werewolves, etc] will be considered as diseases, not their own specific race.

//Note 2: You may send a message to Rixaka if you wish to make up the race sheet for a known race that has not been entered.

[Name of Race]

[size=18]General Characteristics[/size]:

Hair type: [Colour, consistency, curly/straight…etc]
Eye type: [Colour, shape.]
Average Height and Weight:
Build type: [Muscular, lanky…etc]
Life Expectancy: [How old do they generally live to?]

[size=18]Physical Weaknesses and Strengths[/size]:

Weaknesses: [Don’t forget about diseases.]

Strengths: [Diseases: if immune please specify why.]


Weaknesses: [Prone to temptation, rage…etc]

Strengths: [Mental stability…]


Magic: [If yes describe.]

Strengths: [More resistance to…]

Weaknesses: [Least resistance to…]


Common: [Consider the race’s build when answering this.]

[size=18]Geographical Location[/size]:

[Consider race’s build and appearance.]

[size=18]Brief History[/size]:

[Cultural Milestones. Just the important stuff here.]


Significant beliefs: [Anyone the worship, rituals, belief systems…?]

Ancestry: [Main branch or secondary branch of a main race?]


[Anything not mentioned above that you believe to be relevant. This can range from military, clothing, architecture…just please keep it concise.]

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PostSubject: Races Index   Fri Mar 09, 2012 3:24 pm

Races Index:

[To be added by: ________] Main Branch: Humans

[To be added by: ________] Main Branch: Elves
Secondary Branches:
[To be added by: ________] +Dark Elves
[To be added by: Rixaka ] +Yanta Hîni

[To be added by: Keepster33] Main Branch: Dwarfs
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PostSubject: Re: [WIP] Character Race Sheet   Sat Mar 10, 2012 1:53 am


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PostSubject: Re: [WIP] Character Race Sheet   Thu Mar 22, 2012 12:04 pm

Yanta Hini

General Characteristics:

Hair type: Straight, generally thick silver hair.
Eye type: Usually dull colours spanning from a muddy brown to hazel. A very uncommon eye colour that has been seen is red, or versions of red.
Average Height and Weight: Average height for women is about 5’8 weighing at about 120-140lbs. Men are generally about 6’0 weighing about 150lbs.
Build type: Both men and women have a slightly stocky build, with longer limbs and a shorter torso. Typically, the village is well toned in terms of physical athleticism.
Life Expectancy: Women generally live to be about 80-85, men about 75-80.

Physical Weaknesses and Strengths:

Weaknesses: Susceptible to common diseases much like humans. Due to the race’s location, they are not very keen to hot weather. They have a harder time adapting to hot weather.

Strengths: There are no diseases that they show exceptional immunity towards. The Yanta Hini are extremely adaptive in colder climate areas. They show exceptional tolerance to the cold however they are still prone to hypothermia.


Weaknesses: Due to the isolation of this race, most members are very self-conscious and untrusting of other races. They have a habit of keeping to themselves and can often be extremely stubborn.

Strengths: Most are mentally stable however, due to hundreds of years of improper breeding, their biology makes them more susceptible to rage and mental disorders such as schizophrenia, multiple personality disorder, psychosis and autism.


Magic: Magic is hardly practiced. It is reserved for enchantment of items, potions and the odd transformation or teleportation spell. Not every Yanta Hini is fluent in magic.

Strengths: They are more resistant to cold/ice/water magic.

Weaknesses: They are less resistant to fire/lightning/earth magic.


Common: Bows and arrows are the most common weapons followed by axes. Swords are the least common and few people ever prove to excel in that given field. Magic is rarely, if never, used for battle.

Geographical Location:

The Yanta Hini are based in colder dwelling areas such as pine forests and places near mountain ranges. Their long limbs allow them to traverse easily through the forest and rocky mountain regions with excellent flexibility and dexterity.

Brief History:

Hundreds of years of war, disease and exile had left the race nearly extinct. Many wars where fought amongst themselves and the humans. Due to fear of the fall of the race, family trees were often crossed multiple times which caused terrible birth defects. After having learned of what was happening, the main branches began to enforce a new law of land which declared the oldest to leave from home and travel to new areas in hope of spreading out the genes and continuing the race.


Significant beliefs: The Yanta Hini have long since lost any connection to a deity. They still hold a several traditions and beliefs. Traditions such as the eldest children of the family are to leave home and make their own way into the world. They also hold an old fairytale that those born with red eyes are children born of rage. Where this idea comes from has since long been lost however the feelings behind it have not. Those rare children born with red eyes are either killed or abandoned to the forest.

Ancestry: Due to the diluted blood line, the Yanta Hini takes their roots from many different races. The most common is that of the human and elven race. The least common is that of the dwarven race.


The Yanta Hini live in small clusters around Starmine although they tend to lie far away from each other and other groups. These clusters are generally self sustaining and it is somewhat common for a few Yanta to join another group.
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PostSubject: Re: [WIP] Character Race Sheet   Sat May 19, 2012 3:32 am

I have mine On My profile But I did it a while ago when I was bord

The PvP War took too much with it.
I am sad that nothing was done until Zab came.
Even than.
It was too late
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PostSubject: Re: [WIP] Character Race Sheet   

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[WIP] Character Race Sheet
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