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 2012/08/17 - addmember protection

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PostSubject: 2012/08/17 - addmember protection   Tue Aug 21, 2012 2:50 am

You can now test the protections on your land by holding a feather in your hand, right click the floor, and if you cant see any protection, its time to ask a admin to come along and add some protection to your land.

This picture shows that although I am able to build, there are no permissions here, which means anyone can build - meaning a potential issue of a griefer

Player can now also add members to their own land now, simply type:
/region addmember REGIONNAME USERNAME

username must be exact!

You can then remove members with
/region removemember REGIONNAME USERNAME

Thanks everyone
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2012/08/17 - addmember protection
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