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 Who, Are, You?

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PostSubject: Who, Are, You?   Wed Feb 29, 2012 12:21 pm

You are tired... It has been a very long day for you.
You are clean from a long, warm bath. You lay back onto the clean linens of your bed.
You relax... Your limbs feel heavy, and your eyes sink closed slowly.
Sleep comes quickly, your awareness fades...
You begin to Dream...

You smile, your friends and companions are walking with you through a thick, beautiful forest.
The soft sweet scents of blooming flowers, and a stream of clear crisp water drift though the warm summer air.
The rays of sunshine gleaning though the tree leafs warms your skin.
You are, Content.

Your eyes wander slowly to a close friend walking at the edge of your vision.
They seem happy, laughing with another just out of earshot.
Your watch them as they walk, keeping pace with you.
They walk behind a large tree, obscuring your view, you wait patiently for them to emerge from the other side...
They do not.

You frown, confused.
You wait longer, but they never return.
The others begin to get ahead of you, you walk faster trying to catch up.
Your gaze finds another acquaintance, you move towards them...
They stride behind a thicket...
They are Gone.

You begin to panic.
You start to run.
Sprinting to catch up with the others.
a large group comes into view.
You are relieved, if only for a moment.
One by One, they each vanish behind tree and shrub, and into a mist you had yet to notice...

You are...

You stand in a clearing, nothing stirs, nothing moves.
The mist gathers at the fridges of the clearing.
The sky has darkened, overcast.
And then you hear it...


You spin around, searching for the speaker, but find only emptiness.

"Who... Are..."

The voice is much clearer, it comes from above, and yet rings only in your head.

"Who Are YOU?"

You are scared...
All you can mime is a silient "What?"
It Responds.

"We are asking... Who are you?"

You reply, though still no words come forth, yet it understands. "What... Do you mean?..."

"We are eternity... We are everything, and nothing... But you... are Something..."
"We must know YOU.... You who are Shaper, Destroyer, Changer of what we created!"
"You who came from Nothing, yet are Somthing... Who, Are, YOU?"

You feel a sudden surge of adrenaline, or maybe a well of confidence from deep within you.
Only you can answer them.
Only You...
You know who YOU are.








Familia De Naga Sempiternus
Queen, Assassin, Raider, and Demolition Expert
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PostSubject: Re: Who, Are, You?   Thu Mar 01, 2012 12:09 pm

Name: Yuki
Titles/Aliases: Jarl Briinah Dezaak
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Race: Unknown
Height, Weight, and Build: 5'9", 180 lbs, thick build.
Hair Color, Style, and Texture: Dark brown, long and loose, and coarse.
Eye Shape and Color: Rounded, Gold
Skin Tone and Complexion: Caucasion, fairly smooth complexion, though freckled when under the sun for too long.
Scars, Tattoos, and/or Odd Body Features: Light scars on the hands and thicker ones on the body from swordsmanship practice, a particually bad one on the inside of her right knee. Has pointed ears of medium length, though hides them in her hair.
Fashion Sense: Prefers vivid colors, though loves grey tones as accents. Her position as Jarl demands she wear something suitable, and she rather dislikes how constricting her dress is, though loves the cape.

Recent Past: Yuki was one of several immigrants from the far west, having recently come from a disbanded group of researchers that were looking into an area of demonic infestation. She settled first to the south of the then Jarl of Dragonmount, Jihad, before moving north when the fields provided little ores for her to work with. It was in the basin of a large swampy lake that she started construction of what would be called Willowake Castle in the coming years.
Though at first she worked alone, she was soon joined by the Lady Alchemyst Mao, and the Sir Miner Mac, and the basic structure of the castle was completed. Since then, she has been crowned Jarl of the region, and has in turn made Mao the Court Magician, and Mac the Thane.
Recently, there has been an ancient prophecy mentioned, which states that she will be one of three Jarls possessed by Archedemons. The other two are good friends, Jarl Gorn, and Jarl JJ.

Strong Personality Traits: Strong, determined, and loyal, there isn't much this woman wouldn't do for her friends and fellow fighters. She tends to protect those that don't have much left to lose, and tries to inspire the others to be as strong as she'd like to be. She can take a lot of beatings from the enemy and not give a care, but the moment someone threatens her friends, she is a raging fireball that is hard to stop.
Weak Personality Traits: The same traits that make her strong can easily be turned around on her. While she is loyal, it often means she believes in her friends too much--which can lead to betrayel and letdown, something she constantly fears. She also has trouble talking about her feelings, ie speaking to someone she has a crush on, or letting on that she's in pain. She'd prefer to shoulder her own troubles than to let others take some of the weight. When angry, she is an absolute Ice Queen.
Ambitions: As with any Jarl, her biggest aim is to grow the influence her kingdom has on the world. In addition, her protective nature extends to her people.

Short Range: Sword
Proficiency Level: 7.5/10
Long Range: Longbow
Proficiency Level: 5/10
Hand to Hand: Yes
Proficiency Level: 5/10

Aspect Specialty: Illusions and Sight
Low Level Spell List: Teleport, Enchant
Mid-Level Spell List: Mob Disguise, Hawkeye
High Level Spell List: N/A
Magical Stamina: 7/10

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PostSubject: Re: Who, Are, You?   Thu Mar 01, 2012 2:46 pm


Titles/Alias: High Jarl Vethicaex


Race: High Elven

Gender: Male

Height, Weight, Build: 5'10" 165lbs muscular

Hair Color,Style,Texture: Brown long hair down to middle of back loose and semi coarse

Eye Shape and Color: almond shaped eyes amethyst in color

Skin Tone and Complexion: Elven smooth complexion

Scars,Tattoos, and or Other Body Features: tattoo of an eye with hourglass pupil on right shoulder, ancient elven signs on wrists as for scars to many to list do to battle.

Fashion Sense:dresses in fine silks of all colors for true representation as High Jarl.

Recent Past: Was the sole survivor from his royal bloodline. he killed his father who was possesed by an archdemon who devoured the rest of his royal lineage. He could not bear the sight of the once promising kingdom of Malkier, so he wandered till he came upon the world Starmine. Here is where he decided to start anew and try and revive his royal lineage. He has since built a castle and became known to the people of the land as High Jarl Vethicax. To his suprise he noticed the land was abundantly wealthy with loyal persons and families and has vowed to protect them like they were his own. He has on his staff a loyal High Mage known as Hoa, a High Cleric known as Oghoneybadger, a High Advisor known as Happyneurotic and 2 Royal Guardsmen 1 male Mudhairless 1 female Summeerkat who are to his suprise engaged to be wed. it was foretold to him in a dream that he would unite the land and tear down the reign of darkness that lays across this age and that his blood would give the people light in the darkest hour...

Strong Traits: is loyal to those that are loyal to him, those that are loyal to him he looks at them as family. Is willing to die for any one of his family members whether it be a lone beggar or the richest of rich. Tries to make sure all the members of his family have enough money in their pockets to feed their families.

Weak Traits: sometimes forgetful when it comes to things that seem annoying or redonculous to ask about

Ambitions: To become a god
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PostSubject: Re: Who, Are, You?   Thu Mar 01, 2012 3:17 pm

Name: Artemis

Titles/Aliases: Jarl of Dragon Roost, know as by the nicknames Rix[aka] and Soul.

Age: 19 years old.

Gender: Female

Height, Weight, and Build: Roughly 5”7, 130lbs, lightly toned with long legs and a shorter torso.

Hair Color, Style, and Texture: Nearly waist long, straight silver hair held at the back in a loose ponytail.

Eye Shape and Color: Sharper eye shape with a muddy brown iris.

Skin Tone and Complexion: Very fair skinned which is easily burned, and very pale looking.

Back-story: Artemis hails from the far north and is fairly accustomed to colder climates. Due to family traditions, being the eldest daughter in her family, she is expected to leave his small town and make her way in the world. Upon hearing of a good friend moving south of where her village is, Artemis took it upon herself to journey in that direction. Upon arrival, she began to secure her own home within the cold mountain only to engage in a tiny quarrel that forced her to abandon her own home and seek refuge in the mountains farther south-west. She has since made her home in the mountains and, upon gaining recognition through her work, was appointed Jarl of Dragon Roost.

Strong Personality Traits: Artemis is a fairly loyal person with a good head on her shoulders. She’s most noted for her quick thinking and mastery of bow and arrows. She is extremely patient but also very quiet.

Weak Personality Traits: Artemis tends to not speak her mind as much as she would like, and often finds herself in the background of situations. She’s quick to think but has a terrible tendency of over thinking and lack of action. In terms of combat, what she makes up for in agility and endurance is lost when it comes to close quarter combat. Although Artemis is very patient, she often does not speak of her own feelings and, when it becomes too much, she releases it through less constructive means, such as making jabs at others and storming off to cool herself down, in terms of emotion.

Ambitions: As far as ambitions go, Artemis merely seeks a quiet life in the mountains and to continue building up her castle.

Wisdom without guidance, Power without purpose, Courage without discipline.
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PostSubject: Re: Who, Are, You?   Thu Mar 01, 2012 4:14 pm

Name: Mao Nala Graves
Titles/Aliases: Court Mage Graves.
Age: ??? Assumed around her 20's
Gender: Female

Height, Weight, and Build:5'7" 140lb, Slender but surprisingly muscular.

Hair Color, Style, and Texture: Slate Blue, cut severely short except one ponytail, and long bangs to cover her eyes, Fine texture.

Eye Shape and Color: Large Cat-like, an unnatural brilliant crimson ringed with silver.

Skin Tone and Complexion: Pale cream skin with a soft even complexion.

Scars, Tattoos, and/or Odd Body Features: Most noticeable a deep scar running across the bridge of her nose and out across each cheek. a large amount of scars mark her body, especially her midriff. One Tatoo, mostly scratched with little ink into her right shoulder, the number 13.

Fashion Sense: Extremely modest, avoiding all attention possible. Keeping to cotton of black, grey, and white, with a single red sash. Always long sleeves and full pants, trying her best to hide her scars unfitting of someone so young. When in public she wears a dark gray cloak with a deep hood.

Recent Past: She wandered into the land of Starmine as she had many other places, trying to escape great many things, most highly, herself. She kept out of sight as best she could for the longest time, making a modest home and living selling surprisingly good alchemical creations to the locals. On one rare day however, she set out in search of a few scarce ingredients on the snowy hills at the reaches of her local view, taking her well more than a few days from home with too few supplies. she wasn't unhappy with the thought of her own death, so she pressed on. only to stumble on the beautiful work-in-progress to be known as Willowake Castle, and its matron, the soon to be Jarl Yuki, and her loyal Dwarvish friend Mac. They showed Mao kindness unparalleled and undeserved, welcoming her with open arms, and for reasons she could not fathom, she trusted them, and they proved her right in doing so. She quickly devoted herself to quietly aiding these friends however she could, be it building or potions, and felt rare pride in seeing Willowake to its completion, and Yuki's ascension to Jarl of the lands, even her own naming as Court Magician, despite her only average magi skills. She grew content in this place, surrounded by loyal friends. But as the town around Willowake began to grow in both wealth and size, she began to feel a familiar, and terrifying stir deep inside her. As her fear grew, she quietly removed herself from the sight of her loved ones and shifted into a self imposed exile. something she hadn't expected, was that a kind and stubborn knight by the name of Folset decided to accompany her with an amazing unprovoked loyalty she would become very glad of. near the end of her wanderings, she had a final moment of thought, in which she decided on the mark she wanted to leave to perhaps balance out her sins. With Folset's help, she began work on the Grand Minecraftian Academy, a place for the future to be given a better chance then the past. But now, as it sets near completion, the feeling deep within, are becoming near impossible to contain.

Strong Personality Traits: Unending Loyal to those few who have given her kindness with no cause. Calculated and Efficient, once her mind is set on something, it will be done, by hook, crook, or skill.

Weak Personality Traits: These often outweigh the Strengths. She is Paranoid and Self Loathing, extremely aloof often times unless in company with a chosen few. She cant talk about her past, or her emotions. At any one time her sins and terrors are about to tear her apart, but she can always smile, and far too convincingly. And there is always something, Hidden, just out of sight in her gaze...

Familia De Naga Sempiternus
Queen, Assassin, Raider, and Demolition Expert
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PostSubject: Re: Who, Are, You?   Thu Mar 01, 2012 8:42 pm

Name: Vaelwynn Wintergrace
Alias/Nickname: Jarl Vaelwynn Wintergrace
Age: 32
Race: Half-Elf
Class: Fighter
Skills: Swordsmanship, Arcane Knowledge, excellent craftsmanship, and commercial sense
Ambitions: Loves to work hard on whatever project he has, divulging almost innumerate hours, even days into the making.
Back-story: From a young age, Vaelwynn was a loner, murdered his parents in an act of sheer fury. From then on, he set out alone to contain his rage, and balance himself. He trained in multiple works, swords, homes, daggers, archery, and magic. His tact for his age is rather uncanny, taking the daily routes of his targets, and trapping them for further usage. Seven years after the Black Trials, he fled further into the country, seeking refuge. He was taken in by two local mages, who taught him to further control his arcane prowess.
After years of training, slaughter, and hiding, he finally decided to settle down, and work for his cash, as he built a sales-style relationship with another vagrant, Vethicaex. When Vethicaex resigned as Jarl of Beynimaar, Vaelwynn took his place, and furthered his connections in royalty. He's established trade with the High Court of Vethicaex, and the holds of Willowake and Mournhold, and set up a tight grip on Beynimaar. He now continues to work as hard as he can, for whomever pays him in return for his work, be them mortal-...Or demons.

Strong personality traits: Has loyalty to the Briinah Dezaak of Willowake, and the Wolf King of Mournhold. He maintains tact in the most pressuring situations, and has a stagnant hatred to those who anger him.

Weak personality traits: He's often self-loathing, barely keeping his own health in mind, and carries hidden feelings for some of his subjects and friends.

Main melee weapon: Faust Greatsword
Secondary melee weapon: Shortsword
Ranged weapon: Longbow
Armor of choice: Whatever fits

Combative skills: Swift, Strong, and almost immovable.

Physical features: Young body, with a scar over the right eye from war experiences, short white hair, brown eyes, and a defined right arm

Clothing and Fashion sense: Often wears black clothes, and on more occasions than none wraps his forearms and shins in bandages. He also wears a Silver Wolf-hide over his coat.
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PostSubject: Re: Who, Are, You?   Fri Mar 02, 2012 7:32 am

Name: Mackenzie O'Brannagan

Age: 57 (we live a long time we do)

Race: Dwarf

Class: Miner

Height, Weight, and Build: 15 stone, 160 cm, stocky, long beard, not a pretty fellow.

Skills: Cuttin stone, buildin with stone, breakin stone, shapin stone, the usual

Ambitions: Be out of the mines for good.

Back-story: Born to Mackenzie O'Brannagan (the... whateverth, not too creative with names) and Agnes O'Brannagan. Mackenzie spent every day from his 15th year on in the dwarven mines perfecting the trade. Thousands of Kilos of stone, 42 years, and a nasty case of coal lung later he was finally fed up with the dank mines in which he grew up. Heading to the surface he met a kindly Jarl that allowed him food, tools, and board. He chose to repay her the best way he could, by mining. While the mines aren't great, it's nice being able to choose.

In the immortal words of Chuckles the Clown: "A little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down the pants."
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PostSubject: Re: Who, Are, You?   Sat Mar 03, 2012 3:42 am

Name: Merek Aerowinde

Alias/Nickname: AndyTheRed

Age: 17

Race: Human

Class: Hunter (but mines frequently)

Skills: Bows, Brewing, and finding weird and abstract things

Description: Normal height, somewhat skinny, wears red or black shirt, with blue pants, blondish hair, and wears a circlet made to look like lightning

Strong Traits: Loyal, trustworthy, intelligent, and friendly

Weak Traits: shy, can over-think situations, when frustrated can lash out with anger and pain, dislikes fighting with others.

Back-story: Grew up in a quiet home, taught to use things sparingly, be kind to others and aid if needed, but if the need to fight is there, stand your ground. Went to an academy with sub-par quality of staff and student body, but has flourished none-the-less. During this time at the academy though, he suffered from mental abuse done to himself, by himself and surroundings. With how the students around him acted different than he was ever taught, and they enjoyed their behavior without second thought; while Merek was sitting there having to endure his life which his father made to have little relaxation, Merek was at a stand still: continue with his current life which had a promising future, or attempt this life that had more enjoyment. Unfortunately, the style of which this second option posed was less-than-desirable, he went down his own route to get the best of both lives. Sadly, it could not be done and Merek spiraled down in further mental torment or both failure and stress from both sides. After he had left all he mostly desired was to work alone, so that he could be in his state, alone.

Philosophy/Quote: "I can't fit in to either side: I'm too dark to be in the light, for it burns to be in it; but I have too much light to be in the dark, because consciously, I refuse to go down that path."

Ambitions: To study further in just about everything, and to ultimately purge himself so as to finally cease his inward struggle.

Other quirks: seems to change personality at different times
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PostSubject: Re: Who, Are, You?   Sat Mar 03, 2012 4:52 am

Name: jj.

Alias/Nickname: The Wolf king

Age: 27

Race: Elf

Class: Fighter

Skills: Swordsmanship, Marksmanship.

Ambitions: Making sure the wold is safe.

Back-story: [im no good at backstorys].

Strong personality traits: Loner but always there in the time of need, not afraid of a fight even when faced with an unbeatable opponet(s).

Weak personality traits: Unsure of himself, Does not know when to back down.

Main melee weapon: Master Sword
Secondary melee weapon: Fists
Ranged weapon: Longbow
Armor of choice: Iconic green tunic

Combative skills: strenght, speed, smarts.

Physical features: Younger, pale skin, long golden hair.

Clothing and Fashion sense: always wears the green tunic of the Hero of Time.
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PostSubject: Re: Who, Are, You?   Tue Apr 24, 2012 3:37 pm

Name: Ceronos Orion

Nickname: Cero

Title/Alias: Philosopher, Wanderer

Age: Unknown

Race: Ceronos appears as a human being, but its speculated he may be more than just a simple man. Anyone trained in any sort of mythical art, may be able to see past his guise and might even be able to describe what he really is.

Appearance: Cero in his human state is often described as a barbaric looking fellow, with his past shoulder length silver hair, and scruffy full beard. He has very common facial features, nothing particularly out of the ordinary: Your two eyes, two ears, one mouth, one nose kinda guy. If his face could be described in anyway, it is comparable to a Greek man. The one thing out of the ordinary are Cero's eyes, which have a tendency to shift colors and sometimes can reflect the very torment and horror this individual has seen. Some would even go as far to say that Cero's eyes are the very gateway to your very own desolate little place in the void.
In terms of body, Cero has a rather slender body, but still has muscles. He is by no means ripped but he looks capable of fairing in a fight. Cero is also only 5ft 7in too which may make other underestimate who or what he is.
As for his clothing, Cero mostly prefers darker clothes but sometimes likes to wear white when hes feeling the time for it. One interesting quality about Cero is that he often likes to mess around with his clothing and change what he looks like.
The description given is merely a base report about his general appearance.

Class: Battlemage

Skills: Ceronos has a wide range of abilities ranging from Melee combat to Mythical powers. Its hard to say just how much is in his repertoire. Ceronos is always, and I repeat, always studying and learning new abilities and techniques which makes him very unpredictable in any sort of combat. Some of his major abilities are:

-Elemental Casting/Conjuring/Manipulation (Ice/Fire/Earth/Wind/etc)
-Familiar/Undead/Demonic/Pet Summoning
-Exceptional Skill with Most Melee Weapons
-Bloodline Specific Abilities
-Demonic/Angelic Abilities
-Light/Shadow Manipulation

Ambitions: Cero's only ambition is to experience the world around him, and to learn and grow more from this world. One thing Cero has always enjoyed is becoming stronger by any means. The biggest thing to drive him is his goal of returning back to his original time and universe.

Traits: (Good/Bad/Good/etc...)
-Ceronos has a unbreakable will, and never ceases when it comes to something he believes in.
-Not very vocal, getting Cero to talk is sometimes more a chore than a conversation.
-For the most part, Cero is polite and typically will not bother anyone. However, he is not one to be provoked as he will go to great lengths to make sure things are settled his way.
-However, Cero can be irrational and will sometimes end up doing something he may regret later.
-Cero isn't your average joe, and he likes to show that. He is very intellectual and this results in him gaining some good advantages by his own means.
-Somewhat territorial, Cero doesn't mind sharing with close friend, but otherwise you may want to avoid his stuff.
(Small list but I don't wanna fill the whole page)

Back-story: Ceronos has a history that makes stone look like its a new born and to be exact, one must understand the gravity of where Ceronos hails from. You see, Cero is not from this time period or universe. But that will be explained in time...

Ceronos is a entity wrapped in turmoil and strife, who endured a long forsaken road in his original universe. When he was a young boy, in the times he can barely even remember anymore, he lived with his mother father and brother in a heavenly place known by his people as the Abyssian Kingdom. However, right as he and his brother turned the age of 16, the most unimaginable story would befall upon these two former heroes and their family. The Tyranthian hordes from the dark depths of the void stormed into the sanctuary that was once their home. They kidnapped the two boys, and slaughtered their parents right before their very eyes. Ceronos and his brother were taken away into separate rooms. And as Cero lay on the cold black slab in the middle of some long forgotten temple, he could only picture his parents...but then a shamen came into the room. He was garbed in ghostly red and black robes, with the skull of a demon masked over his face. He chanted, and more and more demons poured into the room. Chanting and shouting until Cero saw a bright blue light burst from his chest. The light, was his very soul, and the demons wanted to make sure a power like Cero had would never see the light of day again....

And so they split his soul, into four separate entities. Yasha, Okami, Rhylos and Dracard. All whom were sent across the universe and scattered throughout time. The demons accomplished exactly what they had came for that day. The destruction of the Abyssian people.

Fortunately, the pieces of his soul reunited one fateful day. (After many many many many hours upon hours of role playing on other sites)

How Cero got -Here- is a much simpler story, one that doesn't require a detailed back story.

Ceronos was in the middle of hardcore mental training when a rip tore through his mental barriers. Something had broken into his personal realm, and it was powerful. The force was unrecognizable to Cero, as he had never felt a presence like this. All of a sudden though, Cero was wrapped in what felt like 100 tons of force being applied to his body. A portal opened up right on top of him, and he was sucked through. The portal was strange to Cero, he never experienced a warp of this magnitude, but before passing out Cero heard a sinister laughter...

The next thing Cero wakes up to is being surrounded by a forest, with a man in front of him attempting to wake him up.....

(The backstory of course spans to much more than this, but typing it all up would be...a days work)

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PostSubject: Re: Who, Are, You?   Fri May 04, 2012 12:56 pm

*TL/DR Wink : (see bottom of post)

Name: He wakes up, but can't breathe. "Those..." the voice becomes muffled. He struggles to move his legs and torso - it is sluggish. He realizes there is no sense of direction; there is no ground. "...lies..." He tries to open his mouth, but doesn't have one. His heart pumps blood to give oxygen to his body in vain and he struggles wildly, desperate to find freedom and stability - a thought which is responded to by the voice: "Lies!" it spits venomously. He would think to question where the voice is coming from, but begins to silently laugh in his mind as he discovers where "up" and "down" are; he is sinking. Suddenly, a cold calm overwhelms his senses. He must be dying. "Lies!" The voice says again, more clearly. He decides he will listen since his death is slow. Maybe the voice is keeping him in suspended animation? "Lies!" The pitch of the voice climbs to a shriek as it chants, "Lies! Lies!! LIES! Li-" It stops. The voice is practically giggling at this point. "Lies! But, one truth: your NAME is- " There is a loud explosion.

He wakes up, but can't breathe. Panic surges through his nervous system and he swells. His body temperature rises sharply and he stands up to find himself cooling off in the crisp wind and standing in the middle of a small creek. He breathes. A moment later, he realizes the voice is gone and he doesn't know his name.


Age: He takes in more air, relishing the freedom. He expects to hear the voice say "lies!" Silence except for quiet laughter; his laughter. I'm not insane, he thinks. I know I laughed! He laughs again, loud enough to cause a nearby chicken to hop-run away from him. Happy and at peace, his body finally grumbles. How long have I been under there? he wonders. Where is this place? Suddenly remembering what just occurred in the water, he exhales deeply in gratitude to being alive and wades out of the creek and, after collapsing on the ground, he rolls in the tall grass of what is a plain near some trees, with large hills in the distance. His stomach growls again, and he jumps to his feet. I'm energetic! he exclaims to himself. How long have I been here? He looks at his reflection in the water for a brief moment, hoping his image will trigger some memories. His face looks back at him. He returns the stare with a smile and kicks the water with his foot, making the person before him disappear amidst ripples on the clear surface. He walks away with the sun to his right and a clear goal in his mind: I will live!


Race: The trees around him have since thickened and he lost sight of the sun. He found a few apples to sedate his hunger for the short term, keeping the seeds with himself after finishing them. He understands the cycle of life. A few minutes later he notices some unnatural objects past some trees in the distance and wanders over to the edge of the forest. A few two-legged creates in long clothing like his own mosey around a collection of these objects - these buildings. Foreign though the dwellings may be, he spies something familiar: wheat. The gentle breeze carries to him an aroma of fresh-baked goods one familiar and one similar to the first, but sweet. His stomach rumbles so loudly he ducks away behind a tree so the creatures don't see him. As he hides there, the thought occurs to himself, I wanted to steal! The feelings were new and bad - but not new, because he knew the words. Greed. Shame. Moments later he walks to the villagers and offers his hands up, revealing the apples in them. The creatures don't seem to notice. Curious, he moves toward where the smell comes from and enters in to a large structure. He finds one of the creatures placing the food in a box in a hurried manner, as though trying not to be seen. It spins around to face him as the box shuts then walks out the door. Confused, but starving, he places his apples in the box and takes the bread and the sweet bread with nuts. The latter, smelling sweet, he bites into first. A rush of energy hits him seconds later as he pockets the rest inside the pockets of his long, black-with-red-clouds clothing. A huge grin spreads across his face and he finds himself being stared at by many of the creatures and sees - for the first time - small ones. A thought dawns on him: I have been here a long time. Life grows over a long time. He laughs a bit and continues walking, nodding his head in thanks. They just turn away and wander off. Why am I different?

Shrugging, he turns his attention to the darkening sky.


Class: The first night he sleeps under a single tree in the middle of a field just outside the creatures' buildings. His silent guardians against loneliness are the sheep settling down under the starry sky.

"Kill him?" asks a screeching voice. A clattering sound responds, "No." A hairy leg pokes the body but it just rolls over and mutters a single word: "Liesss!" "Leave it. As good as dead to ussss." Another voice groans, "Look at the armor.." A round of gasps as the other creatures step back. Another noise resounds through the ground, a slight rumbling of the earth as heavy footsteps approach. The clattering sound signals the others to leave.

Dawn breaks across the sky as he awakens the next day, and he briefly recalls hearing explosions in the distance during the night. He picks himself up off the ground and the sheep start gather around him. "Baa!" they cry out. So he places more apples in the box and takes an armful of wheat from the creatures' farmland. He smiles as he feeds the sheep. There were no apples in the box from the previous day. He waves at the sheep and creatures before he sets off in the same direction as yesterday.

A few hours later he is at the top of a hill surrounded by forest on all sides. A chilled wind lazily blows by from the North-West and he shivers. He sits for a moment taking in the beauty of the landscape, when an arrow hits the ground next to him. A screeching sound helps him quickly locate the source of the arrow just in time to dodge the next one by jumping to the side. A boned two-legs riding a giant, black spider hastening toward him with clear murderous intent in its eyes. He panics. His body begins to swell and his temperature rises as his mind races for a solution. Avoiding arrows, he focuses on returning to a calmer state of mind. He falls into a small pit in an effort to dodge an arrow and searches for an escape route. There is a final screech of blood-lust as the giant spider lunges into the pit after him. He closes his eyes and focuses on remaining calm, commanding his body to move out of the way. His body swells despite his efforts, and he feels the heat surging through himself once again - he cannot stop it this time. There is an explosion before everything falls dead silent. He opens his eyes. There is a hole in the wall of the pit he had fallen in and a few scattered bones around the area. The remains of the spider are on fire. Taking one of the arrowheads, he climbs out and makes his way down the hill. He tries to remember how he survived, but only a small, mocking voice returns his inquiries: "Lies of reality!" He ignores the giggling voice and focuses on his new-found power. Instead of fearing it, I will use it! The tree before him explodes into several large pieces. Taking the flint arrowhead, he chips away at one of the pieces until it is fashioned into a crude axe.


Skills: Several hours later, he has built a small hut out of the wood on the hill. The sun slips away and he falls asleep outside, lacking anything comfortable inside. He wakes up to a sound and notices the sun is completely gone. "You are not one of usss." He looks around for the speaker and sees his face staring at him from just over the edge of the hilltop. "Who are you?" he asks. His face stares at him for a brief moment, then jumps up the hill next to him. "Four legs!" he says excitedly. Then, confused, he asks again, "who are you? Who am I?" Noticing the slender, green body of the strange person, he opened his mouth to question if the other knew where others were, but the person began to swell and to light up in flashes. Enraged, he stretched out his arm toward the other person and they flew out over the trees, with no sound and only a look of pure horror sweeping across their face as if to demand, "how!?" A barely audible hissing sound as the person hit the ground in the distance signaled his last breath. He falls into unconsciousness.


Ambitions: He opens his eyes to find the sun directly above him. He immediately searches for the body of the other person below in the forest, but finds nothing beyond a lingering smell of sulfur on the still air. He makes a silent vow to never harm another living creature; instead, to only help them live and produce as he lives and produces. He creates a gravesite for the lost stranger's life and tears down his small hut. "I will not live in one place," he states solemnly to the trees around him. "I will enhance life around me to the best of my ability, be it sentient, dumb, or green." With this new zeal in place, he gathers up the seeds of trees and all other plants, and begins carefully constructing an area for them to flourish over the next several days and following weeks. He never woke up to see another giant spider, boned two-legs, or Green Kin again during the nights he stayed in this area.


Back-story: He wakes up, but can't breathe. He barely catches the Voice saying "...and they betrayed usss!" before scenes flood his mind of someone's life - images of two-legged creatures roaming and changing their environment, his family and friends dying as they try to stop the creatures' expansion and conquest, and a special group of his kind that hid away through a portal into a hot, dark, cavernous world. Flashing pictures of being captured and held in the dark as magic and technology changed the other prisoners around him into entirely new creatures. A laughing face quickly rushes by with pits for eyes, and the laughter tells of a mind long gone from the mental realm other living creatures share and a body lacking in empathy. Pain suddenly rockets through his veins and his mind twists. The person's body is larger - he has two legs. He knows this person is naked. As he fights his own pain, the other person yells at his own. The other person gets up. The men around him are startled and yell something at each other, but he escapes through a gap in the fence where many green creatures lie lifelessly still. The person steals a cloak the other men are wearing and runs away furiously. The person swells and shrinks, is infused with heat and cools off, chased relentlessly until falling into a large cavern. A new darkness falls over his senses and he forgets that person's life.

He opens his eyes, but won't breathe. He knows the coursing water is swift and free. Its path is clear and forceful. He knows the strength of a raging fire both destroys life and gives birth to life. He knows that the mysteries of the dark side of the moon are not to be questioned, but revealed. He is neither accepted by many of the more belligerent and thoughtless creatures of the land, nor the two-legs with long faces. His past is the dark side of the moon. His powers and skills, collectively, are a fire that can rage beyond control. His intent will be clear and his actions made with deliberate force. His path through life will be swift and free.

He answers the other voices he has heard during his times of contemplation. "Who am I? I used to only know I am not. Now I go by what the docile creatures call me: InuPerrin. I do not like what the hostile ones use as my name."

He exhales, floats to the surface, and steps out of the pool he made in the side of the hill.


Name: InuPerrin

Age: ??? / TBA

Race: Genetically-modified and magically-enhanced (blah blah) Creeper

Class: Creeper?

Skills: Helping living creatures live productive lives through his understanding of herbalism and empathy.

Ambitions: ^

Back-story: Dark, mysterious, suppressed past... yadda-yadda... child-like curiosity and excitement... la-dee-da... strong, zealous philosophical convictions... etc etc etc. Gotta leave room for the actual role-playing, no? Razz
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Too tired to typ this all
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Name: Serp Leader of the assassins



Class:Rogue, Normally assassinates Enemies when possible And poisons them,

Skills:Low level move: Heart strike, Back stab and Posions
medium level moves:Stealth, pickpocket, Throat slice,
High level moves: Assassinate, Execute.

Ambitions: Serp has been trying to destroy the army of nagrand, Who killed most of the assassins army,

Appearance: Most of face has not been seen, His hoody covers most of it, Brown hair at medium length and normally has 2 knifes in his pocket titled: Death, and Fear. Normally has deadly poisons that cant be seen off of those blades,


Back-story:was once a little known assassin till he killed High warlord Ronkol, A leader of the Nagrand army, The leader of the assassins Garth, was planned to celebrate for Serp but was killed by enemies behind our lines, And then Serp was picked to be the leader of the assassins as of killing Warlord Ronkol, Serp became a massive threat to the Nagrand, As killing a assassin of the army of Nagrand He picked up daggers from a fallen assassin a leader of the assassins of the Nagrand army, He took them and noticed they were almost broken, He repaired them, Put poisons on them, and titled them Death, His right hand dagger and Fear, his left hand dagger, After this he heroicly lead his army on the Nagrand tribe making them flee and putting Serp where he is today, leading his army to try and destroy all that appose him, Nagrand will still be Serps number one enemy, and his main target.

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Name: D'rain O'callahan

Age:79 (born with a unique gift of long life)

Race: Eastern Dwawf

Class: Miner & Combat

Skills: low Levels: Alchamy and farming
Mid Levels: Axe throwing and War Cry
High Levels: War axe and bare hand killing.


D'rain likes to dig.. and by "dig" i mean him going on 1-2 month mining expeditions. He also like to train his young son O'rien Callahan hand to hand combat and axe throwing.

Back-story: D'rain was born in a little town in the eastern border of the Dwarf countries . the town was called Mcalborogh estamated 300 population. When he was 10 his town was invaded by the high elves of erandail. a 3000 strong army of high elves marched there way into the town . and the villegers fought for there lives , the 100 odd dwarven warriors fought to the last man holding the elves for a short amount of time. D'rain lost all his family and was taken into another dwarven villege with the 30-50 survivors. The new town had a population of around 1000-2000 but that didnt stop the elves.

D'rain Kept running from town to town for 6 years until he ran into a Dwarven Combat unit , D'rain then went into training for 10 years and was now a captain of a 700-800 strong Dwarven army . D'rain wanted Revenge he knew he was outnumbered but he knew hs men were stronger , He took his army onto the High elves border . A army of 3000-4000 elves marched onto the battlefield and the dwarves fought like gods. the 3000-4000 army of elves perished to 300-400 and the dwarves only loosing 1/3 of there men . They took the elves into capture and this was the start of the Dwarven War.

When D'rain was now a major he died 8 years later on the battlefield of harley heand his 3000-4000 strong dwarven army Where ambushed by a 7000-8000 elven army accomplished by a 1000-2000 Human worriers. The whole of the Dwarven army were slayed and that was reccorded as the biggest dwarven loss.

D'rain son O'rien was now 32 and fit to be a warrior . He also took his Dads footsteps and became a captain and asked the dwarven king to let him have the Dwarven Banner of silence . The dwarven banner wasshown as a sign of "The end war" O'rien went to 20-30 towns asking for there allience in combat . He mustered around 20,000-30,000 Dwarves and marched to the elven kingdom of elrond. The dwarves seiged the kingdom of elrond for 3 days before finding a way in , The dwarves were now unstoppable. The elves payed for the damage with souls , the war was won by the Dwarves when they killed the elven king and his army of 12000-17000 elves . Every girl and boy was killed in the elven kingdom and it was set alight .

The Humans were next.

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Who, Are, You?
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